Network. Collaborate.
Educate. Learn Remotely.
Work remote and still feel the togetherness.
We are building the platform that will power remote work in the Web3 future and make it feel as good as sitting across the desk from your friends. Remote work that still allows for those moments of serependity.
Zuri Chat is a platform on which an infinite number of powerful collaboration apps can be built.
You can manage our DAO in Zuri - from voting to treasury to rewarding tasks.
You can use AR glasses to have meetings where you can see everyone else.
You can live in animated, virtual workspaces - chat by the cooler, listen to music and play games.
Web3 native, built by NFT holders - our Zuri Kings & Queens
Zuri Chat is currently being built by the ZuriDAO. We are about 500 developers, designers and other talented people, working to make the Zuri Chat platform a reality. We operate as a Distributed, Autonomous Organisation.
Only People with valid NFTs can join the DAO and become contributors to the project.
Quick Guide to the NFTs
(read this before making a purchase)!
Hats mean the owner is or has been a team lead.
Necklaces mean that this NFT can vote in the DAO. Number of notches determine voting power.
View the Source Code
Zuri Chat is not an open source project, but it’s an open code project. Our source code cannot be forked, but it can be viewed on our repositories openly. The code is owned with full copyright by all DAO members. This is a different licensing model from open source projects. It means we are fully open, but to interact with our code, you need to be a DAO member.
View the Zuri Token
The Zuri Token will be used a utility token in the final Zuri Chat app. When workspaces are created, the Zuri Token will be used for certain functionality. More will be made known when the whitepaper is released.
The new way
of working
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